The Best Pens & Highlighters for Your Bible

Highlighters and pens for your Bible

Writing in your Bible is mega-helpful. I think everyone should give it a whirl. Here are  six reasons why you should start highlighting, circling, and marking up your copy of the word of God.

But what kind of pens—tools—should you use?

This will be a short post, it’s about pens after all. I’m a nerd, but I don’t swag a pocket-protector. I’m not even sure what needs so much protection inside the front pocket, but whatevs.


Don’t use those cheap bic pens. Yuck. Lame.

And be careful not to use a pen that will bleed through the pages a lot. Bible pages are notoriously thin, so I recommend testing out your pen in the concordance or some other non-inspired area.

My favorite pen is — drumroll please — The Pigma Micron. The Pen of Pens. The Microns are the official pen of choice for people who do serious archiving — whatever that bores like.

The .005 series is the finest point they have and is ideal for marking up your bible, writing in the margins, and you won’t see any bleed through.

I don’t use these pens for any other purpose than writing in my Bible.

Get the variety color pack (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown). You can snag them on Amazon or your local hobby/craft store.

It begs to underline.

It begs to underline.


Highlighters are a tricky game. It’s hard to find Bible-ready highlighters; most aren’t up for the challenge. But Zebrite Eco Double-Ended Highlighters (Fine Point) slay it.

Zebrites are the Ferraris of highlighters, they roll on dubs. They are nice and brite and will not bleed through.

I know you can get them on Amazon — not sure about your local office supplier

Winner! Winner!

Winner! Winner!

What about pencils? Not my bag. Pencils fade . . . and they bring back horrible memories of High School.

photo 2

Go on and getcha some.

So, what tools do you use?

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  • Dennis Goshorn

    I used to use a four color Bic, but here’s what I found: marks I made, particularly with the red pen, would bleed and smear; it took a few years for it to happen, but it would bleed through the paper and would smear on the original page. So, I’ve switched to the Sakura Pigma Micron Pens. I like the archival ink; never worry about bleed through or smear. I also like the Prismacolor Premier colored pencils for highlighting. I find that their Spanish Orange is best. Prismacolor also makes pens that are similar to the Microns—I have one that is Sepia and it’s nice for subtle notes in the margins. I wrote a blog on this topic: if you’re interested.

  • Mark Partee

    At the suggestion of my pastor…crayons. I was definitely skeptical about using crayons in my Bible but, to my surprise, they work great and there’s nothing to bleed through the pages! I’ve only used Crayola so I don’t know about other brands.

  • Lynn

    I like Pilot Frixion Ball erasable gel pens for notes & underlining…. That way on the occasion that I mess up, I can gently erase. No bleed through either- works great!