Why We Cannot Coexist


I tweeted this yesterday…

Now, of course, that is a total hypothetical fairytale. All religions cannot be true. As much as people preach from their bumpers on how we should all coexist, if we are intellectually honest with the tenets of each religion, we simply can’t hold hands and ride off into the ecumenical sunset.

Christianity isn’t the only faith that functions this way. As much as Jesus refuses to play sissy and nice on the field of faiths (John 14:6), Islam is just as my-way-only.

Here’s how:

Islam teaches that Jesus isn’t God. And that God the Father does not, and could not, have a Son.

Christianity teaches that Jesus is God. And that God the Father does have an eternal Son, Jesus Christ.

How can that coexist? It can’t. It won’t. Now, we must be loving to one another. Loving and kind enough to be honest about the truth.

We can coexist in a society, but we can’t coexist theologically. The only way all the religions in the world can live in belief-harmony is if no one really believes what they believe. Then what are we left with? A goose egg.

Back to my tweet, isn’t a living Jesus worthy of your worship? Unless you know any other crucified and resurrected guys.

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  • Spencer Watson

    I believe that coexist means on a fundamental level that you, as a Christian, should not care what other people believe in and that you should treat all religions with the same respect. You don’t have to agree with it, but recognize that another’s faith is equally as valid as your own in the eye’s of that person.

  • Abdulhafid Ar-Russi

    “Unless you know any other crucified and resurrected guys.”

    Chrishna of India (Krishna), 1200 B.C.
    Alcestos (Alcestis) of Euripides, 600 B. C.
    Atys (Attis) of Phrygia, 1170 B. C.
    Bali of Orissa, 725 B. C.
    Budha Sakia of India, 600 B. C.
    Crite of Chaldea, 1200 B. C.
    Hesus or Eros (Esus), 834 B. C.
    Iao of Nepaul, 622 B. C.
    Indra of Thibet, 725 B. C.
    Mithra (Mitra) of Persia, 600 B. C.
    Prometheus or Æschylus of Caucasus, 547 B.C.
    Quexalcote of Mexico, 587 B. C.
    Quirinus of Rome, 506 B. C.
    Thammuz (Tammuz) of Syria, 1160 B. C.
    Thulis of Egypt, 1700 B. C.
    Wittoba (Vithoba) of the Bilingonese, 552 B. C.
    Thracian god Zalmoxis
    Sumerian goddess Inanna

    And various others… need one go on…

  • David Gothay

    Wow! This has to be the worst written argument against coexistation of members of the human race… Quite frankly, because it’s not even arguing the point it is trying to make. The argument established is that religions cannot coexist; however, the aegument being made is that all religions can’t believe eachothers’ beliefs. Coexisting doesn’t demand that we all believe the same things. No, that would be call “conformism to a monotheistic global society”. This argent isn’t arguing against coexting, it actually cites the definition right after denying it exisrance, “Now, we must be loving to one another. Loving and kind.” I don’t believe that this argument accidentally misconcieved coexistance as what it did, I believethatth. Is arguent intentionally attempted to reassign a false definition to the coexist movement, in order to mislead others into a negative mindset in respect ro coexisting.
    And as for your reference to your origial tweet, thousands. There have been thousands of reiterations of the story of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Most of which predate Christ himself. Take a mommt to look it up.

  • EL-IOT

    Nothing predates The Son Of God. All are mistaken that think his beginning was his incarnation. As for this list of satan’s counterfeits submitted along with the religion of science- they are all manufactured by the devil to place the very question in the minds of those that choose damnation for themselves, rejecting the truth, looking for a way in going over the wall or breaking in, since he, the deceiver, knew the prophecy of the coming of the Son Of Man (Representative Man). -“all roads lead to Rome..” many say But Rome will also be burned up… and what will be left? Christ’s righteousness is the only salvation – his sacrifice the only payment for the sin that we are born into – his ascension the only entrance into heaven owned by God. Everything “islam” is antiChrist… Even pure religion speaks nothing of salvation specificaly. good works are the privilege of his sons in his Son. good works are required of all mankind but do not save them. To tolerate any antichrist religion or behavior is to willingly send them to hell. So COEXIST?… In the name of Jesus Christ, I shall not.