5 Most Read Posts of 2018

5 Most Read Posts of 2018

I didn’t write as much as I wanted on my blog this year. Sigh. But I did write a book. Humble Calvinism: If I Know The 5 Points But Have Not Love… was my canvas, my stone block, the grizzly I wrestled for most of 2018. Early mornings, late nights, and pockets of time on planes were spent writing winsomely, creatively, and humbly—I hope—on Calvinism. I turned down requests to review books and write articles for other sites because I was up to my eyebrows in tulips.

2018 was the year of contract writing. I also wrote a handful of lessons for The Gospel Project curriculum that will be out in 2019. Thousands of people will read these lessons. It was an honor to write the Easter lesson/leader guide.

But, I did find a few slivers here and there to serve a dish on this site. So, here are the top 5 posts of 2018.

5. Why You Shouldn’t Skip The Genealogies

Who doesn’t love a lengthy list of difficult to pronounce names? I’m sure the genealogies sprinkled throughout the Old Testament are some of the most precious parts of the Bible to you. And I bet you’ve never passed over them in your Bible reading or in a sermon series.

Record scratch

Who am I kidding? If we are honest, the genealogies often cause our eyes to glaze over. So many names. So many consonants oddly arranged in those names. So few vowels. So hard to say. “I’ll just flip the page.”

Don’t do it.

4. 3 Ways to Deal with Church Bullies

Bullies are the worst. When I see a kid being picked on by a bully, I barge in and confront the punk—even if it’s at the Chick-fil-a playground. (Yes, I really did confront a bully in the playground.)

Church bullies are just as sinister. I can’t stand it.

Church bullies love to force their opinions on others. They want their ideas turned into laws. They want to coerce others into their own image, instead of seeing Christians transformed into the image of Christ.

3. Don’t Ruin Your Life For An Orgasm

When a pastor, professor, or friend in the church falls from sexual sin, does it make a sound? Yes. And it’s louder than when a tree falls.

Sobs. Deep sighs. Groans. Screamed whys and how-could-yous. Sick stomachs. Brokenness. Pride. Wreckage. These all make sounds. Awful, gut-wrenching sounds.

We have all heard the distressing thud from the falls of leaders in the evangelical church. Prominent pastors, seminary professors, leadership gurus, and authors have faced the music—and it’s in a key no one wants to hear.

2. We Don’t Need To Go Back To The Early Church

You’ve heard people say, “We just need to go back to the early church.” We need to be more like the raw, organic, on-the-go church we see in the New Testament.

I disagree.

Now, I don’t totally disagree. Obviously, there are elements of the early church we should imitate. Fellowship, sacrifice, mission, unity, endurance in persecution, and more. But let’s not pretend that the early church didn’t have their problems.

1. Don’t Title People “Pastor” If They Aren’t An Elder

Ministry titles abound in the church today.

Student Pastor. Children’s Pastor. Creative Environment Pastor (No idea). Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor are pretty standard fair on the leadership page of a church’s site. And what is also becoming standard is the willy-nilly way people use the word pastor.

I don’t think we should put Pastor on people just because they are on a church staff. A pastor isn’t someone who gets a paycheck from a church and is responsible for running events for certain age groups while holding a Bible.

Here’s to writing more in 2019. Onward, my friends!
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