A Book To Help You Grow

A Book To Help You Grow

Theology books seem to grow on trees. And like fruit, they are either bright to the tongue, packed with smile-inducing flavors and vital nutrients—or they are rotted with worms.

Let’s avoid the last category, mkay?

Brandon Smith and I wrote an intro to theology, crammed with pineapple sweetness while flowing with the essential vitamins—like the green sludge juice bars are hawking these days. Our book, Rooted: Theology for Growing Christians, is a smooth drink of theological waters.

In Rooted, we cover a good amount of terrain.

Russell Moore writes in the foreword,

“I’m afraid many people think of theology the way they think of chess. They know it takes skill and intelligence. Maybe they wish they were smart enough to play chess, but, then again, they really wouldn’t want to be part of the high school chess club. Theology seems, to them, to be dry, dusty, complicated, and disconnected from life—maybe even disconnected from the spiritual disciplines of being a Christian. If that’s you, or if you know people who feel this way (and you do), this book will help you.”

Scott Sauls, author of Befriend, says about Rooted, “It has been said that theology is like a skeleton. It is essential for providing support and structure to the body, but if it’s the only thing visible, then the body is either malnourished or dead. Theology as it’s presented in Rooted is the furthest thing from malnourished or dead. This book attempts, quite successfully I believe, to steer the imagination fosters life, and a faith that expresses itself in love.”

Dane Ortlund, Trevin Wax, Barnabas Piper, and Matt Smethurst all had very nice things to say about Rooted—which is cool. But, this means they feel this book can be used by God to help you grow.

Buy a copy of Rooted on Amazon. It’s ideal for reading in a small group, a Sunday school class, or on your own. If you buy it, I’d love to hear what you think.

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