A Podcast on Writing

Did you know I host a podcast on writing? I never thought anyone else would listen to it. But, you guys, I’m so encouraged by the emails and tweets, and even handshakes at conferences, from listeners. Thanks for listening. You are the reason I keep it going.

If you didn’t know I host a show on writing, check it out. Home Row: A Podcast with Writers on Writing.

Here’s a new episode I did with Joe Rigney on C.S. Lewis

Here’s another new episode with Jen Wilkin.

How about one with Don Whitney from Southern Seminary? It’s an oldie episode but still a goodie. 

I could go on and on. There are episodes with Russell Moore, Jared C. Wilson, Barnabas Piper, Karen Swallow Prior, Tony Reinke, Kevin Vanhoozer, and more.

Check out the show at HomeRowPod.com. Or just search for Home Row in your podcast app. Or click on the word podcast in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Show ’em, James.

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