A Review and Giveaway of the Best Productivity Book. Ever.

I know you are busy. Who isn’t? We all have tons to do. Right now, I have a sermon to write, project deadlines breathing down my neck, a growling stomach, a cold cup of amazing coffee, and a three-month old that is a bird chirp away from waking up.

I bet your life looks similar, but with different nouns.

So how in the world can we get all the things done we need to get done?


It’s time we learn how to be productive. We need to get things done. And, don’t skip this, we need to get the right things done—what’s best next.

And that is exactly what Matt Perman, in his book, What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms The Way You Get Things Done, is helping us do. He wants to help us do the right things, the “what’s best,” and do it “next.”

For the past few years, I’ve been a nerdy fan of all things GTD (Getting Things Done). David Allen pioneered the way of personal productivity in his book, Getting Things Done.

So why Perman’s book? Easy. Matt is bringing the best of GTD (and I think an easier and more helpful version of GTD) and the glorious truth of gospel together. The gospel changes everything—including how we go about our lives, how we serve others, and how we get things done.

Rethinking Productivity

Perman doesn’t want to help you slog through a to-do list. He wants to help you see the right things and then help you do them. Productivity isn’t about efficiency. “Woohoo! I got all 22 items done today.” That doesn’t matter if you didn’t do the things you should be doing.

My aim in this book is to reshape the way you think about productivity and then present a practical approach to help you become more effective in your life with less stress and frustration, whatever you are doing. I want to help you live the life that God has called you life, and to live it with maximum effectiveness and meaning” (20).

Personal productivity isn’t meant to end with you. It’s not about making sure we maximize our lives for ourselves—in the end, “Productivity is about doing good for others to the glory of God” (15).

This isn’t mere management. No, no. This is much bigger. Perman is guiding us into a gospel-driven, God-centered, foot-washing vision for our lives.

This is Gospel-Driven Productivity

The gospel is more than religious data. It is raw power (Rom. 1:16). The risen Lord Jesus reigns over our schedule, priorities, the what we do, and how we do it. Sanctification is the process of us becoming like our Lord, and he is the God of GTD. So, if we are becoming like Jesus, we are to be growing in productivity. Perman even makes the case that productivity is a fruit of the Spirit. I agree.

What is Gospel-Driven Productivity (GDP)?

The essence of GDP is this: We are to use all that we have, in all areas of life, for the good of others, to the glory of God—and this is the most exciting life” (28).

Practical Help for GDP

I found this book glued to my hands. His content is brilliant. The organization of the book is helpful, and each chapter’s layout and progression make it an easy read.

Perman gives a memorable and portable acronym to help you do what’s best next. DARE.

  • Define your values, mission, role, etc.
  • Architect your life, routines, schedule, etc.
  • Reduce the things you don’t need to do and what you should’t do.
  • Execute on what’s next—which should be the best thing to do in the moment.

Matt will also help you discover your calling in life, how to setup your week, how to “make time,” and so much more.

For the Fame of Jesus and the Joy of People

If you want to invest your life for the fame of Jesus and the joy of people—you should buy What’s Best Next, devour it, implement the wisdom, and ask the Lord Jesus to bless the work of your hands for his fame and the good of others.

I know it’s only March, but this has been my favorite book of the year. I bought copies for all of our staff and elders. It’s so stinkin’ good.

You can buy the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and WTS Books.

Wanna win one? Sure you do.

I gotta button this up. Remember the baby I mentioned? He’s awake.

Here’s Your Chance to Win a Copy

Enter contest with the PunchTab form below.RSS readers, you’ll need to drop by the site. Winner will be announced on Monday. Multiple entries are possible. And when people enter from your Twitter or Facebook linking, you get more entires. Have fun!


  1. Why do I want the book? To give it away to one of our humble servant leaders in our small church plant. Will write a personal message to this young leader and meet with him to reflect on the GDP message of the book, and how to wisely apply it to all of life.

    Mr. Medders, Well said and solid summary of the zeitgist of What’s Best Next. Appreciate you highlighting Perman’s definition of Gospel-Driven Productivity. It’s so good! And because the Gospel has achieving power, Jesus will do much through us as we commit our whole lives to Him.

    As I came to the pastorate (again) by way of a supposed detour of another career (construction engineering management), I’m frankly at the laziness of many of our spiritual leaders. Lots of ambition and “vision,” wanting the results and outcomes of the Apostle Paul, yet little willingness to work hard like him with all God’s energy at work inside (Colossians 1:27). Let’s trust Him more.

  2. I want this book solely because of the recommendations I have read, they have been amazing.

  3. I would love this book to be more productive and faithful in my work. That, and I’m hoping to transition into more freelance-style work where this kind of gospel-based approach to productivity will be super important.

  4. I want this book because it will clearly give my life much needed transformation.

  5. I use a mix and match of productivity systems, but recognize I need much more focus. Based on this review and a strong recommendation from someone else, I am intrigued by this book. I think this book could help me gain the focus I need and give me more some practical tips.

  6. This book would be helpful to me as a pastor…especially because I am working in a smaller, less-structured church at the moment. The freedom to work from anywhere, then, can be a blessing or temptation toward distraction.

  7. Well, it’s still a lifeless book ; ) Learning and doing the principles and wisdom will be the key. If you don’t win, I hope you’ll buy a copy.

  8. I definitely am interested in this book because I need help with productivity from a gospel-based basis. I always feel so overwhelmed with all the responsibilities in my life. Thanks for the chance!!

  9. I read GTD many, many years ago and haven’t read a productivity book since becoming a Christian. I’d like to read this book for a closer look at GDP.

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