The Danger of Small Group Systems

Home Groups, DNAs, Missional Communities, Community Groups, Life Groups—whatever your church calls them, let’s not put too much weight on them. They may break. Bear with me. I’m not saying small groups are unimportant. I’m saying we need to be careful in how we view, speak, and teach on small groups. You’ll hear people speak […]

Jesus And The Past Tense

When we are writing and talking about Jesus of Nazareth, our gospel compels us to write in the right tense. Present. Together, let’s avoid speaking of Jesus in the past tense as much as we can. I cringe when I read, “Jesus was kind.” Is he not kind today? He is alive, let’s speak of […]

Ask More Than “Is It Sin?”

Is it wrong for me to binge watch Netflix? What about putting my kids on a select soccer team that plays on Sunday mornings? Am I spending too much time at the gym? The Bible doesn’t have specific answers for these kinds of questions. But this doesn’t mean the Bible doesn’t have something specific to […]

Confessing The Sin of Platforming

“Let us make a name for ourselves” (Genesis 11:4). This is my confession. I’ve dabbled and stumbled into the sin of self-importance, ego, vain glory, and tooting my own rusty horn. I’ve wished for a platform—not a soapbox on my corner of the web. Who doesn’t want to be noticed? Who doesn’t want their peers […]

How To Move to Weekly Communion

For four years now, Redeemer Church has been enjoying weekly remembrance of our Lord at his supper. I detailed the biblical and historical reasons why we made the switch to weekly enjoyment. Simply, I think the answer is always more gospel, not less. Why not enjoy more of the gospel? Also, with a weekly remembrance of […]