Ted Bundy & James Dobson

Tonight at Tomball College, as I spoke on the porn industry, I read parts of serial killer Ted Bundy’s interview with James Dobson, hours before he was executed. The F.B.I.’s own study on serial homicide shows that the most common interest among serial killers is pornography. It’s true.

XXX: 7pm @ Tomball College

If you are in Tomball area or you feel like taking a nice drive…I will be speaking tonight at Tomball College on: The Power of XXX – Unveiling the Lie Behind Pornography.   We will be starting at 7pm in the Beckendorf Conference Center. Here is the Event on Facebook. Map to Tomball College

Bruno Mars and the Bible

Why I bought “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, I will never tell – but as I was listening in my truck, the following continued to flood my mind. “This sounds like Jesus. This reminds me of the Gospel.” Now, I don’t know all of the history behind this song. But by reading the lyrics you can […]

Papa Day: Puppies

Today is family Friday! Love these days. It is a wonderful day to relax and enjoy my family. Today is all Ivy’s choice. I asked her, “Ivy, what is today? “Papa day!!!” “What do you want to do?” “See puppies!” Off to the pet store we go. We will never get another dog, so the […]

Jesus Buys Clunkers

We are all in repair We forget that about ourselves and others far too much (at least I do). We are not allowed to wallow in the muck of guilt after we sin . Godly sorrow – yes (Romans 7:21-8:1)! But we need to get over ourselves and our stupid thoughts of how “great of […]

Marriage Resources

Yesterday at Redeemer we finished our series on marriage: “Jesus Changes Our Marriages.”  I had a blast delving into God’s desires and design for marriage.  I’m even kind of sad that it is over.  It thrills my heart to hear from so many of you how much the Lord used this series in your marriage…glory […]