Calvinism Gives 10,000 Times More Hope Than Arminianism

‘Tis true. Mr. Spurgeon:

“Someone will say to me, “I don’t like your Calvinism, sir, because it says that there are a few elected, and that nobody else will be saved.” Nay, sir, but it does not say any such thing; it says they are a multitude, that no man can number, who have been elected; and who knows but what you are one of them? Calvinism gives you ten thousand times more reason for hope than the Arminian preacher, who stands up and says, “There is room for everybody, but I do not think there is any special grace to make them come; if they won’t come, they won’t come, and there is an end of it; it is their own fault, and God will not make them come.” The Word of God says they cannot come, yet the Arminian says they can; the poor sinner feels that he cannot, yet the Arminian declares positively that he could if he liked; and though the poor sinner feels sometimes that he would if he could, and groans over his inability, this blind guide tells him it is all nonsense; whereas, it is, in truth, God’s own work. You must feel it; and you may plead against yourself on account of it, but you shall come for all that. He will not plead against you; but he will put strength in you. There is more hope for you, in the pure gospel of the blessed God, than there is in those fancies and fictions of men which are nowadays preached everywhere, except in a few places where God hath reserved unto himself a people who have not bowed their knee to the Baal of the age.”

— From the sermon, The Parable of the Ark, volume 53

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