Why Join a Church? (Part 1)

There is much ‘push back’ in our day to the practice of local church membership. For many, there is complete apathy and indifference – even some are indignant over the practice of church membership; while many agree wholeheartedly. Why do people respond this way? Past Experiences – Some people have seen church membership done in […]

What is Preaching?

Have you ever tried to define preaching? What is it? What are the goals of preaching? What do you think? John Piper describes it as “Expository exultation.” Meaning, the preacher is unpacking the meaning of the Word of God for joy in God. Love that. 1st Draft Definition Preaching is proclaiming God’s gospel truth from […]

Do Ministry

Great video from the Elephant Room. Driscoll brings some light on the issue of those who like to critique ministry – but never do it. Gun-Collectors, Not Soldiers from Harvest Bible Chapel on Vimeo. You should check out some more clips. Great stuff.