Pastoral PTSD

Pastoral PTSD. I’ve had it. It is a peculiar lack of faith, a fear, an ever-present suspicion that paralyzes faithful ministry. I knew something was wrong when I began to fear, to distrust, people in our church. When something as simple as a two sentence email, “Hey, can we get together? I need to talk […]

John Frame, Personhood, And Abortion

“In the early 1970s, I debated abortion with a senior, respected colleague who held a more liberal view. I will call him Prof. Gottfried. Gottfried thought that we could not prove for sure from Scripture that the unborn child is a person from conception. So he thought that abortion, though undesirable, was permissible in extreme […]

Psalm 94 and Planned Parenthood

Today, almost 900 babies will die in a Planned Parenthood building. Instead of healing and helping lives, white lab coats will end lives. And while it seems many people are reconsidering what abortion is, in part to these unbelievable undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress, I’m more disturbed and unsettled than ever. Yes, […]