Don’t Sleep on “Grace to You”

Don’t Sleep on “Grace to You”

Every one of Paul’s letters to the churches in the New Testament opens with the same portable gospel.

Grace to you.

While a common expression in Paul’s letters, don’t think of it as boilerplate language, filler, and required jargon like in an iTunes agreement. Don’t skim it. Don’t zip past it.

This little phrase packs in the entire trillo-watt message of Christianity. Paul manages to condense the best news in the universe into three words. And with a little unpacking, a little tug on the rope, it inflates, fills up the room, your heart, your mind, your soul, your affections.

“Grace to you” is the essential message of Christianity. It not only frames Paul’s letters—it frames the whole Bible and frames your entire life in Christ.

Think about the jaw-unhinging goodness of “grace to you”.

Grace to You

Grace is more than being on God’s good side. It’s bigger than being in God’s good graces. Grace is undeserved merit, unearned blessings, and unachievable salvation freely given to you. Invading you. Filling you.

Grace is Jesus himself (Titus 2:11). His death for your sins. His resurrection for you life. His righteousness credited to your account. His inheritance amended to include you.

This grace is what is given to you.

Grace to You

Christianity isn’t about you making your way to the grace of God. It’s not about you doing enough, proving your goodness, and doing enough good works to get God’s grace.

Christianity is grace to you. Grace coming at you. Grace coming to redeem you. God’s grace saving you.

Creation. Christmas. Easter. Return. Resurrection. The good news of the gospel is grace to you, not you to grace.

Grace to you

The gospel is personal. It’s God’s grace coming to you. Believe it. Receive it.

The sinful, rebellious, confused, doubting, unsure, struggling, unimpressive, lying, unrighteous, self-righteous, fill-in-the-blank you. The you reading this. The yous in Corinth and Galatia. The yous in California and Calcutta.

The wonder of grace is that Jesus died and rose again for people like us. Undeserving but blessed. Rejected but received. Failures but redeemed.

Do you see why Paul opens with “grace to you”? There is no better way to address God’s people.

Perk up. Grace to you.

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