Heaven Isn’t An Eternal Worship Service

Heaven Isn’t An Eternal Worship Service

You read the title right. Heaven and the New Earth won’t be a never-ending church service. Now, we will sing about his love forever, but it won’t be the only thing we do.Heaven is Like a Home

Jesus said there are plenty of rooms for us in the Father’s house (John 14:1-5). I love that Jesus said house. Jesus is preparing a place for us to live, not a choir loft. Heaven is a lot more like a home than we realize.

Heaven is eternal worship—it’s not an eternal worship service.

When we default to thinking of eternity as an eternal worship service, our stunted understanding of worship has tumbled out. We forget that worship isn’t only the songs we sing and the sermons we hear. Worship is also the lives we live to the glory of God.

Worship is More than a Song

We can worship God, give him glory, even if we are doing normal, uneventful, pedestrian activities like eating and drinking (1 Cor. 10:31). Whatever we do, it can be done for God’s glory. Whether we are scrambling eggs for the kids, lending a hand to a co-worker, or enjoying cheeseburgers with friends, it can all be done with a heart of worship to God.

If we love God with all of our heart, soul, and strength as we wait in the carpool line, we are worshipping. If we love our neighbor as ourself while we mow their portion of our shared yard, that’s worship too.

Worship is more than singing. It’s living in alignment with God’s glory, God’s word, God’s ways, God’s will. It’s our attention and our affections aligned with the Almighty.

We will sing in eternity. No doubt. And we will live in perfect, harmonious alignment with God’s glory. Our affections will be tuned to him. Our actions will be in tandem with his will on the New Earth.

Enjoying God and God’s world, in God’s way, brings glory to God and true joy to us—and that’s what eternal life on the New Earth will be like. Enjoyment and honor. Whether we are skipping rocks across the river of life, or we are playing chess with a Augustine, it’ll all be worship unto God.

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