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Here’s a few of my favorite links to check out from this past week:

Should Churches Stop Performing Civil Marriages? by Russell Moore

The marrying parson who stands where the wedding coordinator tells him to, reads his script, and signs the paperwork for whatever couple shows up is a disgraceful hireling and ought to do an honest day’s work as a justice of the peace rather than as a steward of the mysteries of God.

When a congregation certifies a biblically married couple to be also civilly married, the congregation is not affirming the state’s definition of marriage. Instead, the Church is witnessing to the state’s role in recognizing marriage as something that stands before and is foundational to society. We are bearing witness to the fact that these unions are the business of the larger society in ways other unions aren’t.

We are witnessing that the state has no business in recreating marriage, but the state does have a responsibility to safeguard children, by holding mothers and fathers to their vows to each other and to the next generation.”

8 Ways To Get More Done This Week by Tim Challies

Like everything else in the world, your ability to get things done is always spiralling toward chaos. If you allow yourself to coast for a few weeks, your life will get less orderly, not more orderly. Not only that, but you will soon find yourself neglecting the important tasks in order to focus on the urgent tasks. Before you know it, you’ll be off-focus and out of control.

Here are 8 ways to take control and get more done this week (and every week).”

Nine Practical Pointers for Plodders by Jon Bloom at Desiring God

You will not make perfect plans. You will not work your plans perfectly. You’ll find a bog of ambiguity that you’ll need to step through carefully. There will be detours and delays. There will be equipment failures. You will spin your wheels. There will be unexpected phone calls and undesired emails. Social media will keep poking you for attention. Your indwelling sin and others’ indwelling sin will throw you curveballs. There will be some swings and misses. Your creativity won’t flow like you want it to when you want it to. And when you actually get to the project that you’ve scheduled time for at the time you scheduled it for, you won’t feel like doing it.

So what will you do when faced with these challenges? Plod on.

Purpose to be a plodder. A plodder keeps moving. A plodder perseveres. A plodder presses on.”

I Wrote This Blog Post On Church Time by Jared C. Wilson 

The reality for most pastors is that there is no such thing as “church time.” It’s all church time. When a benevolence call comes in on what is normally your day off, is that church time or personal time? When accusatory emails roll in while you’re on vacation, is that church time or personal time? When there’s weddings and funerals on Saturdays, phone calls in the middle of the night, hospital visits after hours, counseling sessions scheduled to accommodate those who “really work” for a living — is that church time or personal time? When the pastor can’t turn off his heart and brain at night about all that’s going on and he’s losing sleep, should he clock in? Pastoral ministry, when done faithfully, isn’t the kind of thing you can “turn off.” You can set up appropriate boundaries, take days off and vacations, take naps and breaks and Internet browsing mini-sabbaticals, but you never, ever clock out.”

Sermon Illustration Alert: Missing Woman Unwittingly Joins Search Party Looking For Herself

A group of tourists spent hours Saturday night looking for a missing woman near Iceland’s Eldgja canyon, only to find her among the search party.”

10 Tips On Promoting Your Writing by Jonathan Dodson

1. If you care about what you write, you’ll spend time promoting it. No point in writing an article or book to let it sit in obscurity. If you believe it, you’ll spread it.

2. Have some goto verses to guide against spiritual pride. Don’t obsess about stats or read all the reviews. You also don’t have to answer every critic.

3. Let a publisher or agent do a fair amount of the promotion for you. If you have ideas on how you’d like them to help promote, don’t be afraid to creatively brainstorm and share ideas.

Be sure and read the rest.

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