One Of The Greatest Books I’ve Read

I don’t think I can overhype the value of this book. This book, while tiny, is a nuclear warhead.

John Owen takes us right up to the roaring brilliance of Christ’s glory and says, “See it? Look!” And then we stumble back from the book, jaw-dropped—and Owen leans back in and says, “I told ya.”

I love this book. A few years back, God used this book as a catalyst to help usher in a new era of gospel wakefulness.

The awesomeness of Jesus is presented again and again and again. What more could we want out of a book?

Owen’s exegesis is stellar. His enjoyment of Christ is infectious. I find myself wanting to highlight something on every page.

Let me leave you with a few choice quotes:

“No man shall ever behold the glory of Christ by sight in heaven who does not, in some measure, behold it by faith in this world.”

“Let us diligently study the Bible and the revelations of the glory of Christ revealed there. This is what Christ himself told us to do (see John 5:39) and the prophets in the Old Testament show us how to do it (see 1 Pet. 1:11–13).

“Christ is the meat, the bread, the food provided by God for your soul. And there is no higher spiritual nourishment in Christ than his mediatory love, and this you should always desire. In his love, Christ is glorious.”

“The way to behold the glory of Christ is by the steady exercise of faith on the revelation of this glory of Christ given to us in Scripture. It is our duty, therefore, constantly to meditate on the glory of Christ. This will fill us with a joy which will, in turn, move us to meditate on his glory more and more.”

“One view of Christ’s glory by faith will scatter all the fears, answer all the objections and disperse all the depressions of poor, tempted, doubting souls.”

Go and buy this book. Now.

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