Piper’s Pulpit Speaks

I’m not sure how this ended up in my hands. It appears to be a note from John Piper’s pulpit.


I’m not like most pulpits. I was John Piper’s.

He’s preached his last sermon as the Pastor for Preaching and Vision. I’m gonna miss him.

We’ve had quite a ride.

Thick and thin. Blessing and heartache. I’ve seen a lot from where I sit. Pastor John led us with wisdom, gentleness, conviction, precision, and light and heat. For decades he exalted–an exulted in–the supremacy of Christ, the glory of God, and the joy of all people’s while standing behind me. I don’t want to take any credit, I just I loved being there. It was the best seat in the house.

His grip on my blockhead was a sign: it’s go time. And I knew, when he let go, and his hands were fluttering about, that he was really preaching. That’s his style. I love it. We all love it.

I never thought his Bible was too heavy, but it is a kind of heavy, not in pounds but in seriousness. And it was light–it seemed to soar when Pastor John would preach.

Pulpits are matched with their preacher, and I’m so glad I got Pastor John. I’ve heard others talk about his legacy as a legacy for the fame of God’s name. That’s how I see it–and that’s how he wants it. Other pulpits put me up on a pedestal. But John and I know his ministry was all of God. I am nothing more than a Bible holder–and I, like all mature pulpits–take that responsibility seriously.

My new preacher, Pastor Jason is a fine man. I really like when he preaches too. I feel different when he stands behind me–and yet the same. He doesn’t feel like Pastor John, which is a good thing, each preacher is unique. However, I feel the same Spirit in them both. The same power. The same message. The same unction. I’m excited to have a new preacher. I’m grateful for my old preacher. I hope Pastor Jason doesn’t spill any water on me. My fiends have warping stories, how awful.

Blessings, John. And welcome, Jason. Looking forward to propping up your Bible.

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