Resources During Suffering and Lament

Resources During Suffering and Lament

We are either suffering now, know someone who is—or we are about to suffer. It’s unavoidable. We will walk through the valley of the shadow of death more than we’d like. But, the Lord is with us, and so are his people.

Here’s a collection of resources to help you in the valley. Songs to help you sing. Articles, books, and sermons to help your heart and mind. Definitely grab the playlist of songs in either Spotify or Apple Music. Let’s keep looking to the Lord.


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Bible Passages

  • Job
  • Lamentations 3
  • Psalms 13, 26, 42, 56, 73, 90, 139, 145
  • Romans 8
  • Matthew 5-7 / The Sermon on the Mount
  • John 13-17 / Jesus’s Upper Room Discourse & Priestly Prayer

Note: This isn’t a final list. I’m sure it’ll keep growing.

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