Spotting Fruit In Your Life

Lounging in my backyard is a treat. It’s sole-melting hot in Houston but the pool, the shade, friends and family make it worth it. Well, tolerable.

While sitting in my chair and watching kids cannonball into the pool, something caught my eye.

Lime Tree Lessons

Our lime tree.

My wife and I transplanted this struggling lime maker from a pot to the earth, hoping it’d give birth to some limes. It’s in primo soil. Some of the softest earth I’ve ever dug. Digging the hole for this lime tree was like taking a cookie cutter through butter that’s been on the counter all week. I was proud of this hole for some reason. I told a lot of people about it.

So, there’s our lime tree, getting a droplet or two of pool water from a handful of adorably sad cannon balls these kids are producing.

But I notice something on the tree.

A lime. I’m all giddy and announce to the crowd, “There’s a lime on the lime tree!” They mostly ignored me. I wasn’t expecting lemons or radiators on the tree; I knew it’d make limes. I was stoked to see not just one but three new limes.

Now, let me tell you about these limes. They are small. Not impressive. They are teeny in lime terms, but they’d be obese grapes.

I didn’t care about their smallness. Their presence excited me. Evidence of fruit is a big deal. The tree didn’t die. It’s alive.

Fruit is Fruit

Those lil’ limes got me thinking about the spiritual fruit in our lives. Most of the time, and most of us, we are like the dinky limes in my backyard.

Don’t get discouraged. Those dinky limes mean you are alive. You really are a new creation. Christ is at work in you. The Holy Spirit is bearing fruit. Rejoice. Get giddy.

Every little act of service, those small moments of deferring to someone else, appreciating someone else, a moment of honest prayer. They may seem dinky and not appear to move the scale that’s next to the broccoli. But don’t be duped.

Fruit is fruit. You are alive. Give it time.

Praise God for mustard seeds and dinky limes.

Our actual tree
Our actual tree
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