Stop The Racist Jokes


Racism is satanic. And so are racist jokes. We can often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin with the race conversation. Let’s start here: No more racist jokes. No more. Zero. I’ve heard too many jokes about Mexicans (my race) swimming across and doing manual labor. I’ve heard too many jokes about Asian people’s eyes and driving. I’ve heard too many jokes about Black people’s hair—it’s all wrong. And as Christians, we must adopt a zero tolerance culture toward racism.

It doesn’t commend the gospel. It is anti-Christ. Seeing those KKK members with “Jesus Saves” behind them is mega-wrong and disturbing. It makes me angry because it’s a perversion of the gospel—and racist jokes on Monday after hearing the gospel on Sunday is horrifying.

If we continue with subtle racism, we are hypocrites, and may very well hear at the end of the age from a Middle Easterner who rules the Universe, “I don’t know you.” If we want to change our communities, love our neighbors, and make much of Jesus, then let’s stop the corrupt speech and only bring forth that which builds up and brings grace to the listener (Eph. 4:29).

Racism, all shapes and sizes, is satanic. Subtle or not, that’s not how we’ve learned Christ.

Repentance is in order, and let it begin in the household of God.

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