Thank God For The Reformers!

Nick Batzig and the Christward Collective let me run a new piece over there on our present-day worship services and reverb of the Reformation:

“You’ve heard that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Fair enough. But in light of the 500th year celebration of the Reformation, those who don’t know history are doomed to under-appreciate it. We should celebrate and rejoice in the rediscovery of, as Ray Ortlund says, ‘the gospel doctrine’—but let’s remember the revival of a gospel-centered worship culture in the Reformation. The Reformation was a resuscitation of faithful doctrine and the reshaping of the worship practices of local churches. Reformation theology led to reformed doxology.

There are multiple elements and practices in our churches that we take for granted. We wrongly assume that the rhythms of our worship, and the joys of local church fellowship under the reign of Christ have always been like this. We couldn’t be more wrong.

By God’s grace, we can thank the Reformers for a bounty of blessings that we experience on a weekly basis in our local church gatherings. Whether you are Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican or Non-Denominational, you have the Reformers to thank for the right administration of these things.”

Head to the Christward Collective and read the five things in our worship services that we no have because of the Reformation.


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