The Best a Man Can Be?: Gillette’s Got a Gospel

The Best a Man Can Be?: Gillette’s Got a Gospel

If you haven’t seen Gillette’s video on the epidemic of toxic masculinity that exists in the USA—and the world—watch it. It’s a solid 1:48.

We’ve heard their tagline for years, “The Best a Man Can Get,” and like many company slogans, it reaches higher than it could ever achieve. I mean, after all, it’s only metal blades for cutting face hair. But with their new video, new website, and new commitment—they want to see men be the best a man can be. More than products, they are promoting person.

The Problem

The ad is filled with examples of toxic masculinity. Bullying, harassment, anger, and the list goes on. It’s a powerful video. It’s clear to most people that manhood in American culture is lost in the woods without a compass or cell signal. Where does Gillette want to point us?

A lot of people have taken exception to the video. I know, I know—it’s surprising that people would be offended by anything on the Internet in 2019. Men have objected to the portrayal of manhood in the video, “I’m not a bad, toxic person because I’m a man.”

That’s true. I’m not either. I’m a toxic person because I am a person. And so are you.

Men aren’t sinners because they are men—it’s because they are human. There’s also toxic womanhood, toxic femininity. We are all toxic, imperfect, less than what we hoped we could do or be, and especially to God’s holy standards: sinners (Romans 3:23).

The Answer

Gillette wants men to be the best they can be. Noble. I hope we all do.

But how? Razors won’t get us there. And where is there? What does the best look like? We know it doesn’t look like what we are seeing in the headlines, gyms, and offices. But do we really want to define true masculinity by the inverse of toxic masculinity? That equation will leave us lacking. Walking backward doesn’t guarantee will get where we should have been all along.

Men need this quad-blade of repentance, regeneration, crucifixion, and discipleship with the only man who isn’t toxic—Jesus of Nazareth.

Men must turn from their sin. Men must turn to Jesus. Men must be born again. Men must be crucified with the God-Man, Jesus Christ, and learn by faith what it means to walk with him, learn from him, and be transformed by Jesus.

Men can’t be without becoming. There is no actual, long-lasting change without becoming new.

Jesus is the only one who never harassed anyone. In fact, he was harassed. Jesus never took advantage of a woman, either with his hands or his mind. Jesus never shirked his responsibilities. He loved his neighbors. Served them. He exhausted himself to serve those around him, and he served us all by dying on a Roman cross, paying for the sins of toxic men and women.

The best a man can be isn’t found in himself. He can improve. Yes, he can shave off vices. We should call men to stop harming others. Men should respect, honor, serve, and empower those around him. While men may become better men, but they still won’t be the best. They will always fall short. I don’t want to be the best version of myself; I need to be a new me.

Gillette’s gone and got themselves a gospel, a good news message. But it’s half-baked. They are right that men are messed up, lost, wandering. But Gillette doesn’t have a true North. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). Christ is how men and women will be the best they can be—forgiven, cleansed, made new. His life, death, and resurrection from the dead are what we all need—that’s the gospel.

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