The Desiring God Theme Park


I really enjoy Twitter. It’s not for everyone. I’ve found it to be a great encouragement to my soul (if you follow the right people, the ones who tweet out more than food pics and incoherent gibberosity). And Twitter has served, on many occasions, as a channel, a conduit, for gospel partnerships, friendships, and connections. It’s quite amazing.

One of the funny elements of Twitter is the parody/fake accounts. One of the best is Fake John Piper, @fakejohnpiper, run by pastor and author, Jared Wilson, @jaredcwilson.The real John Piper is a good sport. He thinks Fake John Piper is funny.

Here’s a sample:

These are good ones—but the best, the prime choice of @fakejohnpier comes in the slew of tweets scheming up a Desiring God Theme Park.


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