The Most Awesome Thing You’ll See This Week

In my sermon, The King Jesus Bible, I showed a picture that many asked to have posted online. Behold, a visualization of 64,000 cross references in the Bible. [designed by Chris Harrison]

Bible Cross References

[click to enlarge] 

Let me explain what you are seeing.

  • Each book of the Bible alternates in color across the horizon: gray / white / gray / white / etc.
  • Each descending bar represents a chapter in the Bible, length represents the number of chapters (i.e., the long bar in the middle represents Psalm 119).
  • The color of the arcs represents the distance between the cross referencing chapters.
  • This shows the Bible is internally corroborating one message: It’s all about Jesus.

Wasn’t that the awesome thing you’ll see this week?

I told you.

  1. I’d love to see this with chapters and verses, though I imagine it might make the image too massive. Maybe just the list which generated this?

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