The Proverbs 31 Man

The Gospel Coalition recently published a little piece I wrote for them on The Proverbs 31 Man—yes, you read that right, man. Proverbs 31 is typically, if not automatically, categorized in our brains as the women’s passage. Well, fellas, that just ain’t the case.

A snippet from my post at TGC:

It’s not often we hear Proverbs 31 in the light of manhood, but there’s relevance for men who have ears to hear. When we become abundantly familiar with a passage, apathy and assumption are often waiting at the door. We must not let those twin hucksters steal our Bibles and rebrand Proverbs 31 as a passage applicable only to women and women’s ministries tote bags.

And we must reject the industrialization of Proverbs 31 into a 31-point inspection system for a potential spouse. Paul reminds us how the entirety of God’s Word is profitable for all believers, equipping us for every good work toward the glory of God (2 Tim. 3:16–17). Thus, Proverbs 31 bears fruit for all believers. So what is a Proverbs 31 man? He exhibits three attributes…

The three attributes:

  1. A Proverbs 31 man treasures his wife. (Prov. 31:10)
  2. A Proverbs 31 man creates a culture of flourishing. (Prov. 31:11)
  3. A Proverbs 31 man is an encourager. (Prov. 31:28–29)

Head on over to TGC and read the rest. I hope it’s an encouragement to you.

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