The World Is Our Theology Book

Pastor, why not put down the book you are studying and get in the world? Let’s mix it up.

Our studies can often turn into sanctuaries and aquariums. We are well kept, well fed, incubated, and caffeinated. A butterfly sanctuary is neat and safe—and that’s also the problem. There’s no jazz.

Think about how often God tells us to look at his creation and our cultures and learn about him and our faith.

Solomon tells us to look at ants, deer, bears, and more.
Jesus tells us to consider the birds and flowers.
God tells Abram to look at the stars.
David compares God’s word with honey.
Jesus tells us to think of trees and their fruit.
Paul tells us to think about athletes, swords, and warfare.

The world is our theology book. Take up and read.

Why not put the book down today and go for a walk in your neighborhood and city? Listen and look for your teachers. The trees on your street are an animated systematic theology. Stare at them. Study them. Maybe you’ll see a herd of ants carrying animal cracker crumbs at the playground. Have you ever noticed how the trees sway with the wind? They don’t fight it. They can’t. They move with the wind where it wishes. Let him who has ears to ear and eyes to see, behold what God’s creation is teaching.

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