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If you are heading to Together for the Gospel, here are some dos and don’ts. Some serious. Some silly.


Don’t pack more than one book thinking you’ll read it on the plane. Bro, you are going to get a mountain of books. There is a bookstore that’s bigger than your elementary school. If anything, pack a collapsible wagon. Get ready to ship some books home via UPS.

Don’t lollygag when it’s time to eat. 8,000 people are all trying to eat at the same time. Be decisive. Pick a place and go. You snooze, you lose. May his grace be with you.

Don’t go to the bathroom at the Yum Center. You are going to want to go in your hotel or restaurant. Again, 8,000 people in one building. May his grace be with you.

Don’t skip the singing. Don’t be that guy. If you are prone to skipping the singing for the sermons, reconfigure your theology of worship and preaching.

Don’t bring your selfie stick. In fact, sell that to a kid in your church’s youth group and use that money to buy some coffee while in Louisville. You are going to need it. (Or books.)

Don’t forget to tip your servers well. It’s a sad fact that many Christians, and especially at conferences, clutch their money and become Pharisees at the table. “It was bad service. They deserve 10%.” Good thing our religion isn’t about getting what we deserve.

Don’t look at porn in your hotel room. If you know this is going to be a severe temptation for you, make arrangements with the hotel by asking them to remove the TV, shut off access, etc. Make no provision for the flesh.

Don’t be critical and complain about a speaker. It’s not of the Spirit. And no, that’s not discernment. I’ve never had a better time or helped others have a better time by complaining.

Don’t miss out on Quills Coffee. My favorite coffee shop in Louisville.

Don’t miss out the food recommendations from SBTS. Here.

Don’t use the wrong hashtag. #T4G2016 is what you wanna use.


Do enjoy yourself. Have fun. Soak in God’s word. Laugh. Meet new people. Have a blast with the people you came with.

Do thank God for the privilege and blessing of this event. Talk to older pastors and they will say how incredible it is that events of this magnitude exist. 

Do consider those around you. If you have a Muslim uber driver, evangelize. Two years ago, a friend and I nearly saw our cab driver believe in Jesus. I’ll be praying for him again this week.

Do enjoy fellowship with brothers in Christ. Together for the gospel.

Do look forward to a work the Lord may be doing or starting in your heart. You will be hearing from some of the greatest preachers in our day, but there is a danger here too. Don’t look to merely fill your head, but look to grow in your discipleship with Christ. 

Do buy some books. I know I already said you are going to be getting lots of books, but there will be some good deals in the bookstore. It’s your Christian duty. 😉


  1. You know, Quills IS nice, but I like the black pourover at Lagrange Coffee Roasters better. If you ever find yourself in Oldham County, that is.

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