What Disney World Taught Me About The Kingdom of Christ


Disney World, as they like to say, is “the happiest place on earth.” And you know what? It’s pretty sweet. I have never seen better customer service, more smiling faces, and good ol’ fashion fun. The place is a blast. Whilry tea cups, pirates, lovable rodents (Mickey Mouse, etc.), princesses, roller coasters, and giant fresh-baked cookie ice-cream-sandwhiches = Disney is fun.

Magic Kingdom, the main park, is built around the epic castle. I’m no castle aficionado, but this is some castle. When I imagine what the castle of castles should embody — that’s it.

Disney World got me thinking and tinkering. The “House of Mouse” set my mind on the Kingdom of Christ.

King Mickey

Mickey Mouse dominants Disney World.  He is everywhere. He is nearly omnipresent. You can’t avoid The Mouse. His famous silhouette is on signs, napkins, plates, and trees. As much as people like to think Walt built Disney — Mickey did. Disney World is the house that Mickey built. It’s the House of Mouse.

I even tell our daughter that we are in Mickey’s backyard. Disney World is Mickey-centered. Disney World is Mickey’s kingdom.

All Nations 

Disney’s appeal transcends race and age. While at Disney you hear loads of different languages, see many skin colors, and at Epcot you walk through a dozen different cultures.

Mickey’s reign doesn’t rest on one people group. Many are drawn to The Mouse.

You are Royalty

Disney does an incredible job at honoring — ascribing worth — to every customer and “employee”.

Employees aren’t called “employees” — they are cast members, tour guides, pirates, time travelers, space rangers, etc. That’s pretty neat.  But what struck me was that every cast member called Ivy, my little girl, a princess. At Disney, she is not just some girl, she is a princess. She gets to enjoy all of the goodies that King Mickey has setup for her — with an ticket of admission of course. In Mickey’s Kingdom, you too are royalty.

Vacation or Destiny

Disney has a king, a kingdom, joy, fun, laughter, great meals — but it ends. As great as it is — and it is great — it’s not sustainable. First off, it cost a bajillion dollars for a bottle of water; secondly, it’s not meant to last forever. It’s a vacation spot. Disney isn’t destiny.

But something far greater is our destiny if we are in Jesus.

The Kingdom of Christ is our destiny — He is our destiny — and He is far better than Mickey’s pygmy kingdom. At the risk of being Kellerian; Jesus is the true and better Mickey Mouse. Mickey is a symbol for joy and happiness, but Jesus is joy and happiness (Psalm 16:11).

Longing for *The* Kingdom

After our first day at Mickey’s Kingdom, our family gathered for evening prayer and it sounded something like this:

“Jesus, thank you for all the incredible things you give us. It’s a blessing to be a Disney World. Thank you for allowing us to come here, thank you for being fun and wanting us to have fun. And Jesus, thank you that your kingdom is far better than Mickey’s. Your kingdom will never end. Your Kingdom — rocks. Thank you Jesus.”

In Jesus’ Kingdom, we are heirs. Coheirs with Christ. As Russell Moore put it, “We are galactic rulers in training.” We are going to reign and rule with King Jesus.


Disney World makes me long for the Kingdom of Christ.

“Your kingdom come…”

“Come Lord Jesus…”



  1. As a Christian and complete Disnerd (yeah, it’s a thing), I noticed this parallel too. But bringing out all the different aspects like you did is pretty stellar. Now I shall lurk about the blog a bit – don’t mind me!

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