Why Home Row Anyways?

Why Home Row Anyways?

Have you wondered why my podcast on writing is called “Home Row“? Well, wonder no more.

It hit me a few weeks ago that many listeners had no idea.So, here we go.

Well, what is the home row on your keyboard? It’s where your 8 fingers, 4 on the left and 4 on the right hand rest, kind of as a launch pad for the mission you are on.

From left it right it is: asdf jkl;

From that layout of the keyboard, you can strike all of the letters and craft your words, sentences, and stories. It’s one of the beginning stages of a writer. You rest your hands on those keys and you begin. ASDF JKL;

You tap your fingers on home row when you are thinking, like a little dance on top of those keys, wondering what keys will be hit next as the ideas form in your brain.

Every writer uses home row. Every writer begins at home row. All writing is employing the basics. You never move on from home row.

The show is called Home Row because ASDF JKL; wouldn’t make any sense, but it’s a reminder to that writers start at the beginning. All of us. It’s the only place to begin.

Whether you are writing a book on the trinity, a blog post on parenting, or a devotional for teenagers—we are all assemble at home row.

Sometimes we can over think it as a writer. How should I start? What will happen in the next chapter? I’m not sure this will even be any good.

Don’t begin there. Begin at home row.

I’m sure you’ve been asked like I have been, many times: How do I start writing? Put your hands on home row. Right there. You are now like a runner in the starting blocks, or a swimmer on the blocks. Go. Type. Keystroke. Swim.

The act of writing begins at home row. Every writer lives there. Let’s keep writing.

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