Why I Am Going To Protest Planned Parenthood

Protests will be happening this Saturday at Planned Parenthoods across the nation. I will be there raising my voice, lifting up prayers, singing a hymn or two, and holding a sign. Why? Let me share a few personal reasons. They may resonate with you, they may not.

I’m going to protest because as a Christian, I believe it’s vital we speak for the unborn, and this protest is one of those ways. “Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy” (Prov. 31:8–9). Francis Schaeffer rebukes me when he said, “In front of every abortion clinic there needs to be a sign that reads, ‘Here by permission of the Church.’”

I’m going to protest because as an American citizen, the free speech of ‘We the people’, can not be minimized, but must be seen as powerful force for change.

I’m going to protest because the gospel has changed my life. I love my neighbors. I know Saturday’s protest won’t end the legality of abortion on the spot. But it very well may stop some children from being murdered that day on the spot. It might create space for a mother to reconsider.

I’m going to the protest because I can’t stop thinking about Christians, especially pastors, during the Civil Rights Movement who did nothing and lament it. I refuse to do nothing. I refuse to walk on the other side of the street (Luke 10:30–33). I so admire the men who walked across that bridge with Dr. King. I admire Bonhoeffer as he opposed Hitler. I admire William Wilberforce and his resolve to end the British slave trade. When my children, my grandchildren, and future generations of Christians at our church ask what I did for the unborn, I want to look them in the eyes and say I did all I could. “I protested, I prayed, I evangelized, I spoke with politicians, I voted, I served at the pregnancy center, I loved, etc.”

It is neither right, nor safe, to go against conscience. Here I stand, in protest of Planned Parenthood.

We can all do something. Do it. As Dr. John Frame says:

“This issue makes a strong demand on the Christian’s attention, time, passion, and energy. We need to do something. None of us alone can do the job that needs to be done, but we can all do something. Support your local pro-life crisis pregnancy center. These organizations are under legal and moral attack from Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice establishment. Volunteer as a counselor, if you are gifted for that. Preach sermons on this subject, if you are a pastor, for many in our churches are confused as to what the Bible teaches, and like wayward sheep they are getting their moral standards from talk shows and magazines. Demonstrate; carry the sign “Abortion Kills Children,” for that sign tells the simple truth. Plead with women as they enter abortion clinics. Write to newspaper editors and government officials. Support pro-life candidates for office, and withhold support for otherwise promising candidates who favor abortion. Use legal means to harass abortionists and make it difficult for them to practice. Abortion may be legal, but we don’t have to have it in our communities if we don’t want it, any more than we have to have landfills or strip clubs.

Be principled and flexible at the same time. If a bill is proposed that restricts abortion in only some cases, support it. Don’t take the position that you will support only a total ban. An army takes territory an inch at a time. The important thing is to make progress.

But even more important is to be faithful. In Christ, God has shown us incalculable mercy. We cannot measure the depth, and width, and breadth, and height of his love. Surely love so amazing, so divine, demands our souls, our lives, our all. Let us therefore go forth aggressively, to love others as Christ has loved us.” (John M. Frame, The Doctrine of the Christian Life, A Theology of Lordship, 731–732.)

May the Lord end this barbarity in our time.

  1. Well said. Thank you. I wish I could join you in attending a PP site, but I will be at work. But I will be praying, and I’m helping to spread the word!

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